Frequently asked questions

Q: I need an urgent support for the installation. Can you help me?

A: Yes, of course. We have written Installation Guide that is very easy to understand for everyone even though you don’t have any technical experience. However, if you are rush and there is no time to do, we are willing to help you by Installation Service package. Both of them are good for you anyway.

Does your one page checkout module work with Stripe?

A: Regarding your wonder, our module is compatible out-of-box with 3rd-party extension containing most of the payment methods. You can check it in Payment Method list that is still updating.

Q: How does Google Map integration run?

A: That is our Google Address Suggestion functionality of Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension. Google Address Suggestion follows to Google Map Data, and basing on entered characteristics into the address field, a list of matched suggestion will display drop-down instantly. When the customers will find and click the correct address, the related fields including country, state, and zip code are fulfilled straightway. For more edge-cutting module, a location button is active to locate and complete automatically customer’s place according to GPS, then finish all address fields in one-click.

Q: I need more details about your refund policy, please?

A: When you purchase our one step checkout module, you can be free with no risk thanks to 30-day money back guarantee instead of using its trial. This means you will buy it normally and run it on your site as need, however, there is any annoy you feel, you can uninstall it and take 100% money back. The refund is valid within 30 days since your purchase is successful.

Q: Is there any difference between register customer and guests in the checkout process?

A: Yes, there is a huge difference for that. While the clients as guests have to fill manually billing address, the customers who created the account on your store will check out with all available information from their profile. Thus, the registered one can save much more time than the guest in completing the billing address.